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Economy booth


Even in a low cost booth, we will use the systems of SYMA or MILOS TRUSS. The design and the equipment are more simple which leads to a benefit in total cost.
Many variations and combinations of different wall colours and carpet colours are possible with this system too.

The price starts at only 79,00 € / sqm for this design.

This includes a fully equipped, assembled, cleaned and after the exebition disassembled booth. It also includes carpet, walls, separate cabin, chairs with table, sealing and lightning and shades with graphic letters.

All cost for transportation and daily allowances are included within a circle of 100km around for example Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen or Dortmund. For all others locations within Germany or the European Union the costs for transportation and daily allowances will be calculated and quoted. Quotation might be reduced if Pörschmann & Partner is already serving the fair with other customers at the same time.

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