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Booth with fabric frame


Your booth with fabric frames looks like a conventional booth. Your advantage is, fabric frames can be disassembled and could be reused for the next exhibition/event. You can achive cost savings if fabricated frames will be reused.  On top on standarized walls, special frames will be assembled and the printed tissues can be mounted on the frames by the use of silicon edging providing a crease free and even surface (for pictures logos and others).
We can also provide a back-light illumination of your picture, similar to a light frame.
The design of the prints will be adapted to your ideas, goods and even your ideas like your company profile/hand-outs. The textile prints will be made by high resolution printing with brillant and bright colors (non fading) and a very special surface treatment (sealing). The textile prints can be washed and are certified according to DIN 4102 B1 classification (flame resistant).

Textile frame systems
and lightboxes: fabric_frame®
1.     flexible
2.     modular
3.     perfectly stretched even surfaces
4.     easily swap images
5.     expandable
6.     reusable
7.     minimal transportation effort

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